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2021-06-02 | The Sharing
Due to the ABSOLUTE STATE OF THE MODERN WEB I have decided that
a small revival of the past web culture should happen.
http://j0tpeg.pl/shareware, share your code here.

2021-05-23 | The Craftsman
Recently I've been visiting my local forest with my friends, we ended up
building a small camp in there with a table, a log chair and a natural toilet.
I have made a small axe with some tape, a stick and a rock. I will make more tools
soon. Go to a forest with some friends, make a small camp and make some tools too, anon.

2021-04-30 | The Archer
After looking for weapons to protect myself from my stupid commie neighbor's
rabid dog, I have found a new hobby, Archery. I have set up a small shooting
range with cardboard and a pen to draw a bullseye on it. Though my bow's
accuracy is total bullshit (sometimes the just chooses to go wherever it wants)
I still sometimes hit at least the 3rd ring in the bullseye. It is very fun.

2021-04-19 | The Wild Creature + Walks
For the last 10 days I have been going to a hill, and climbed the side on and off
Pure munki fun, once you start you cannot stop. You will be dirty,
but unless you're a sissy soy-devouring cuckold it only adds more value to theExperience.

Also, going on walks is even better, just going around your town and
appreciating the Lord's gift to you is absolutely one of the best
things a man can do for himself.
Just remember to bring a switchblade/other weapon just incase.

Get off your computer and Consoom Actual Happiness.

tl;dr go outside its fun, stop consooming (((their))) entertainment, consoom munke fun and walks.

2021-04-12 | The Based Lang
Learning Nim after I found it on /g/
Feels like gdscript but more C like, but it's weird that newlines are \p and not \n

2021-04-04 | The Culinary Experts & Ncurses Programming
Me and my fren Sour Zombo have endulged into the grand world of culinary arts.
We put cheese on other shit, or just cheese on cheese, then we microwave it
It's great

Also I am ditching my hopes for doing anything with SDL2
Instead I will write future programs in either Pure C (only stdio and unistd if I feel extra spicy) or with Ncurses.

2021-03-29 | The Miserable
Learning SDL2, gonna make proper C/C++ games soon.
I dread the moment I will actually have to try to learn it.

0000-00-00 | the black market
come here